Winexpert Private Reserve BRUNO: A Star is Born

For years Winexpert has consistently dazzled with an annual Limited Release in the Private Reserve Series (think Odyssey, Fiero, Three Moons Cabernet, Bourbon Barrel Zin Cab, Forza and so on). Just Fine Wine is excited to announce this year’s prized offering, Winexpert Private Reserve BRUNO with Grape Skins: An ultra-premium Brunello sourced from class vineyards in Italy.

A star has been born with this wine but icons aren’t made overnight. Though it now refers to the style of wine, locals originally called the Sangiovese grape ‘Brunello’ which roughly translates to ‘little dark one’. It’s a term that is derived from the Italian word for brown (bruno). When you look at icons of art and culture through history and present day, some of the greatest are often known by a single name. And so BRUNO, the root of the Brunello moniker and a proper name itself, is a fitting name for this singular sensation.

Brunello is widely admired and respected in vinoculture and this Italian superstar is worthy of the fanfare. Winexpert Private Reserve BRUNO boasts bold cherry, plum and wild berry flavours layered with notes of dried herb, vanilla, tobacco and spice. Firm velvety tannin, well-balanced acidity and a long luscious finish

Ready in only 9 weeks and producing 23L (approximately thirty 750ml bottles) of finished wine, Winexpert Private Reserve BRUNO is priced at $231.75 On-Premise or $177 Kit-Only. Now available while quantities last. Contact Just Fine Wine now to reserve yours – you don’t want to miss out on this one.

For an additional fee, oak barrel aging is available for this wine on a first come, first served basis. Space is extremely limited in the oak barrel and is already almost sold out.


The Region: ITALY. Montalcino, a small hilltop town in Tuscany, is the birthplace of Brunello. Red wines, usually blends, have been produced there since the 14th century; the Brunello style we know today emerged in the late 1800s when one winemaker began vinifying Sangiovese on its own, revolutionizing winemaking in the region. Now, Brunello style wines are considered the finest expression of the Sangiovese grape and celebrated for their unique combination of bold fruit flavours, high tannin, and high acidity. It is one of Italy’s – and the world’s – most revered red wines.

The Wine: With its legendary profile, BRUNO is Sangiovese at its best. The nose shows off aromas of black cherry and plum, teasing notes of leather and sandalwood. On the palate black cherry, black plum, and wild berry flavours take center stage, supported by notes of dried herb, vanilla, tobacco and spice with hints of earth. BRUNO exudes power and finesse with a full body, firm velvety tannin, well-balanced acidity and a long flavourful finish.


Food Pairing: Pair with strong foods that match the wine’s powerful flavour. Try bone-in Tuscan-style steak with fresh herbs, veal parmigiana, rich meaty pasta sauces, earthy mushroom risotto, or strong cheeses like aged pecorino.