Coolers & Ciders

If you’re in the mood for something light and bubbly, Just Fine Wine offers a selection of refreshing, carbonated Ciders and Island Mist wines. The process takes only four weeks and the finished product is bottled in 500ml plastic bottles (clear or green), which are sealed with twist-off caps. Alternatively you can use glass champagne-style bottles with a plastic stoppers and wire hoods. Each cider and Island Mist kit yields 23 litres of finished beverage, which will fill approximately forty-six to forty-eight 500ml bottles (or approximately thirty 750ml champagne-style bottles). It’s great value for only $135 per batch for ciders and $155.75 per batch for sparkling Island Mist (bottles not included). Enjoyable at anytime of year and perfect for those hot summer evenings in the backyard or on the patio.

On The Rocks Ciders

These new and unique Ciders enable you to produce great tasting fruit ciders, quickly and easily. Each On The Rocks kit contains 1.7kg of premium apple concentrate and a carefully developed fruit additive pack which contains real fruit juice to enhance the awesome fruity flavours in every last drop. OTR Ciders take 4 weeks and produce 23 Litres at approximately 5.9% abv.  (Kit-only price for home-brewers is $60.00)

A great tasting crisp apple cider with plenty of character from start to finish. A fine example of an apple cider. Lively and refreshing with a burst of mixed berries. A surefire sunny weather favourite. Fresh flavour of lush raspberries hit you instantly with this one followed by a sharp twist of lime at the end balancing it out well. A real thirst quencher.
A subtle hint of zingy yet sweet blueberries that awaken your taste buds. A zingy cider that’s sure to refresh. Truly remarkable flavour of juicy ripe pears in every sip, naturally refreshing with a smooth character. Summer time in a glass. Fruity and tropical, the sweet peach and juicy mango flavours are balanced by the crisp cider.



Just Fine Wine’s Island Mist series is wine-based and fruit flavoured available in 17 different styles. For those unfamiliar with this brand, they are similar to wine coolers and are available in both flat and sparkling (carbonation fee is $30). Island Mist wines take approximately 4 weeks to finish and are immediately ready to drink.

Enjoyable year-round (particularly during the Summer months), Island Mist are very versatile as they can be mixed with frozen fruit, can easily be blended with ice and made into slushies, can be combined with soda water for a heat busting spritzer, and more. Tasty, thirst quenching sparkling Island Mist are yours for the making all year round at Just Fine Wine! These wines yield 23 Litres at approximately 6.5% to 7.5% ABV.

Island Mist