Welcome to Your Next Adventure

As the leaders in the craft winemaking industry, Winexpert continuously searches for ways in which to elevate the experience of their products. Just Fine Wine is excited to announce that Winexpert has completed a complete overhaul and re-branding of their entire wine portfolio, taking it to a whole other level. Winexpert started from the ground up, investing over eight million dollars into upgrades for their facilities in Niagara, Ontario, innovating their process and reformulating their products with new technologies adapted from their parent company, Andrew Peller. In the end they have successfully created even better quality wine. The new wine kits require less heat treatment (pasteurizationwhich means better colour, better aroma, and better flavour.

Simply, it means better wine.


Winexpert has also redesigned their catalogue with a fresh new look and easy-to-shop assortment that offers wine for all tastes and for every occasion. All this change did come with the loss of a handful of old wines but has also included the addition of some fantastic new styles. The earley stages of this transition has experienced some hiccups with the stocking out of the old product coupled with some arrival delays with the new wine kits. The worst of that should be behind us now; however, for a small handful of varietals we will see a mix of old and new format craft winemaking kits for a short while longer. The really great news is the finished wines are unanimously living up to the hype from Winexpert’s blind taste test focus groups to fellow winemaking shops across the country to Just Fine Wine’s own taste testing. We can’t wait to share these new and improved wines with you – backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee as always.



1. Why is Winexpert doing this?
Winexpert has always been the industry leader in craft winemaking. The past twenty or more years has seen several tweaks and changes to their wine kits and winemaking process in order to continue to provide you with the very best product available on the market. This is the next step in their evolution. Creating even better quality wines as well as streamlining the portfolio to resonate with both our loyal clients and the next generation of craft winemakers. 
2. Why is the kit smaller? How is a smaller kit an improvement?
Winexpert wanted to improve the quality of their already superior wines, so they started from the very beginning. Through advancements in formulations, innovation and technology it allowed them to develop a improved product in a smaller format. The smaller format wine kit has a higher brix (sugar content) which results in a more stable product. A more stable product allows for less pasteurization time which results in improved colour, aromatics and taste – all of which adds up to better wine! This new format is manufacturer, retailer, consumer and environmentally (less packaging) friendly.
3. Why have so many wines been deleted, and brands altered?
Many customers, both old and new, view our industry as cluttered and confusing. Winexpert’s new consumer-friendly portfolio contains tiers under the master brand of Winexpert, that easily explain the different levels of wine kit we offer. To achieve this, less popular and under-performing wine styles have been eliminated and some changes have been made to reduce redundancy – offering the best selling styles at tiers where they are best suited. While some clients will no doubt be disappointed to see their favourite wines discontinued, we have alternative suggestions for you to try backed by our trusted 100% satisfaction guarantee. These changes will also allow Winexpert more flexibility to offer more exciting limited release products throughout the year.

Has your favourite wine been discontinued? Click on the images below for .pdf charts with suggested alternatives or contact us and we can help:


4. When will the new products be available?
New Winexpert products have already been available (and bottled) at Just Fine Wine (The new limited release Island Mists as well as this year’s Italian Pink Pinot Grigio). The rest of the portfolio is scheduled to transition at the beginning of April. New products will be available when the old products stock out at Winexpert’s warehouse. There will a transition period where we will have a combination of old and new style products.
5. Are prices going up with these changes?
One of the goals during this project was to maintain current pricing as closely as possible while improving the quality at every level. We feel the change in pricing has been fairly balanced as you will find wines that have gone up some, a number that have stayed the same or very close to it, and many that have even decreased in price.