Fall in Love With One of Italy’s Best Kept Secrets

It’s one of Italy’s best kept secrets and hasn’t made an appearance at Just Fine Wine since 2009. Needless to say, after a twelve year wait, we are extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of Winexpert Reserve Italian Dolcetto. Versatile at the dining table and delicious even when consumed young, this wine is going to be in big demand. Ready in only 6-8 weeks and producing 23L (approximately thirty 750ml bottles) of finished wine, Winexpert Reserve Italian Dolcetto is priced at $190 On-Premise or $135 Kit-Only. Available beginning June 8th for a limited time only, so act now and reserve yours today at Just Fine Wine.


The Style: Dolcetto is grown in northern Italy, with only small plantings found outside of the country. Though not as famous as other northern Italian varietals such as superstars Nebbiolo and Barbera, Dolcetto is well-known and widely enjoyed across the country. A delicious red wine that is generally consumed young, Dolcetto is one of Italy’s classic food wines and a staple at the dinner table

The Region: Italy

The Wine: Juicy black cherry and blackberry flavours with notes of vanilla, violet, licorice and spice. Rich and round with a characteristic pleasant bitter note on the finish, reminiscent of almond.


Food Pairing: Dolcetto is a versatile food wine and traditional Italian foods are a great place to start. It’s perfect with antipasto, pasta with mushroom or meat sauce, pizza and roasted chicken.