Serving Port Coquitlam, BC

  • Italian Brunello Style


    Ready in 6 weeks

    Winexpert’s Selection Italian Brunello is a dark-cherry colour with highlights of gorgeous ruby-garnet. Bold, yet supple, this wine has notes of black cherry, red currant, spice, mocha and rich tannins.

    The flavours are generous even in youth, but Brunello is sensational after six months to a year. Good acidity makes this a very food friendly wine: like many Italian reds, Brunello shines in the company of assertively flavoured foods. Osso buco and veal piccata are splendid accompaniments, as are hard cheeses such as asiago and Pecorino Romano. Its firm backbone of acids and tannins make it work well with rich and spicy foods like Italian sausages or lasagna.

    Alcohol by Volume 13.5%

    $173 (In Store) $115 (Take Home)